Plan N Plant
This game was published by players like Gamehouse, iWin, Gamezebo, ArcadeTown and Boonty for PC and Mac and was developed by Playtinum.

The gameplay was designed to be tile based. Diverse characters were created and an immersive storyline was written.

Key based validation was implemented during the testing phase to prevent unauthorized copies from the publisher side.

Armadillo was used for DRM (Digital Rights Management).

Torquescript and PHP was used to develop this project.
Mobile Payment
Bill payment was achieved using a 10 digit mobile number instead of a traditional plastic card for this academic project.

User authorizes any transaction by sending keyword and password E.g. ‘Yes 123456′ as a reply SMS to the server.

WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP), VB6 along with AT commands was used for development of this project.
This project was an endeavor to increase the voter turnout amongst the educated class.

A system was developed by the team to send out location specific candidate information and timely reminders to users.

A database structure was designed to store user data.